SALE BLITZ: Maybe Ever After by Cassie Graham

Your next great weekend read is currently on sale! Grab MAYBE EVER AFTER by Cassie Graham for only $.99. Don’t wait, get it now as this sale ends in only a few short days! “I relished every page of this original, sweet and heartfelt friends-to-lovers romance.” —Happily Mary After “Maybe Ever After is a perfect... Continue Reading →


So, #LateAThon was a bust…

Honestly, to be completely honest, 2019 is turning out to be a slow reading year for me. Which is kind of funny because for the past two years, 2017-18, I would start each year out with a bang and practically fly through my reading goal. This year is apparently different. I think the reason my... Continue Reading →

#BlackAThon TBR!

Hey Nerds, Happy February, and more importantly, Happy Black History Month! I don't know why, but Black History Month isn't as ... widely celebrated in the book community, from what I've seen. At least when it comes to creating TBRs for the month because readers tend to keep their piles in the Romance genre thanks... Continue Reading →

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